The vision of Horses Heal Hearts is to provide a space in the communities that Vicki loves for folks of all ages to experience the healing power of horses.   We use the EAGALA model in our EAL (Equine Assisted Learning) work with clients. Mindfulness and meditation practices enhance the EAL work.  Vicki is passionate about teaching people to how to live in the present moment so that they can live their best lives!

The stunning coastal locations of Santa Cruz, California and Troncones, Mexico enhance the transformative nature of the EAL work.  The Troncones ranch facility is a 7 acre oceanfront villa property called Cangrejo y Toro where Vicki is blessed to work with the horses there.  Read more about our retreats here and visit the facility website at


Our ranches are sanctuaries where horses help people find their strength, their purpose, and their true selves.  We offer Equine Assisted Learning to the following populations:  

  • Women In Transition

  • Those Experiencing Grief After the Loss of A Loved One

  • People Recovering from Alcohol or Drug Addiction

  • Those Affected by Depression or Anxiety

  • At Risk Teens and Children

  • First Responders and Veterans Suffering From PTSD

  • Anyone Seeking Increased Clarity and Balance in Their Lives

We also offer several programs where folks of all ages can learn about horses at the beautiful Bonny Doon Equestrian Park in Santa Cruz, CA.  These include:

  • Cowgirl Camping Adventures

  • Cowpoke Club and Cowpoke Campouts

  • Horse(wo)manship Personal Development Sessions 

  • Traditional English Riding Lessons with Ridgemark Farm, LLC

Please see the Services page for detailed information on the above programs.  We look forward to helping you explore the healing power of horses!

"A barn is a sanctuary in a unsettled world, a sheltered place where life’s true priorities are clear. When you take a step back, it’s not just about horses – its about love, life, and learning. We honor our horses for their brave hearts, courage, and willingness to give. Indeed, horses have the hearts of warriors and often carry us into and out fields of personal battles. Those who know them understand how fully a horse can hold a human heart."

Lauren Davis Barker

What Equine Assisted Learning Can Do For You

  • Integrate and establish yourself in wholeness...spiritually, emotionally and physically

  • Remember who you always were and still are

  • Connect with the part of you that you’ve forgotten exists

  • Reveal and release old patterns and beliefs that keep you away from your power and truth

  • Find and immerse yourself in your inner knowing and wisdom

  • Live your life and relationships from here, one day at a time


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