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Women's Wellness Workshops

Vicki offers day long and half day long Women's Wellness Workshops at a beautiful ranch in Santa Cruz, California.  The themes of our workshops include 'Being Present' and 'Letting Go'.  Using Meditation, Massage, Art, and a Horse(wo)manship session with the horses we explore the things that have been holding us back from living the lives we truly want to live.  Supported by good food and compassionate leaders, women receive the gift of a day of self care, rejuvenation, and respite from their otherwise busy lives.

Horses are MASTERS of present moment awareness and of letting go because throughout history, their survival in the wild has depended on it.  Every minute of every day, horses are fully immersed ONLY in the present moment.  They do not worry about the future or ruminate on the past.  When a potential threat appears, they become alert and assess the situation in the moment.  Once they determine that there is no threat, the horse puts his head down and goes back to grazing. This  'going back to grazing' is something that we humans can learn so much from.  The horse does not worry about the fact that there COULD have been a threat, and he does not live in fear of the next one.  He trusts that he will be able to meet whatever challenges come his way, and he does not let potential future hardships ruin his grazing.  If a horse lived in the constant state of vigilance that so many of us do nearly every day, he would never get the rest or the nutrition he needs to survive.  In these workshops we learned to let the horses teach us how to be present and live fully once again.

9:00  Arrival and Welcoming
9:30-10:15  Introductions and Meditation on Being Present

10:15-11  Painting Time
11:00-12:15  Horse(wo)manship Session 
12:15-1:00  Lunch
1:00-2:30  Horse(wo)manship Session

2:30-3  Break
3-4:30  Free Time and Chair Massages 
4:30-5  Meditation and Closing Circle around the Firepit

  • "I feel 20 years younger!"

  • "The whole experience was incredible!  What a wonderful day!"

  • "You guys balanced authority with levity really well...I felt really safe and loved"

  • "Great retreat!  Very moving and inspirational"

  • "Thank you to an amazing team of really facilitated an incredibly open and loving environment to breathe deep and let go"


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