Join Vicki on the beautiful Pacific Coast of Mexico to recharge your body, relax your mind, and restore your spirit!  Accomodations provided at a gorgeous oceanfront villa  with oceanside pool and yoga platform.  Enjoy delicious, nutritious, and locally sourced meals prepared by our wonderful onsite chef.  Our yoga teacher can work with all levels of practice and classes will be conducted on the oceanview, open air yoga platform.  Daily art experiences with Alyssa exploring a variety of media including painting, drawing, and mixed media.  Each guest will receive an onsite massage, the music of the ocean and gentle warm breeze through the palms your soundtrack.


Explore your personal development with daily Equine Assisted Learning sessions at the beautiful Cangrejo y Toro Ranch, just 5 minutes in a car (or 15 on a horse!) down the beach.  Amongst the herd of horses each day, Vicki will take you on a journey into your self.  Watch this video to learn about how horses can help heal your heart and get you on track to living your very best life!


You'll have time during your stay for free time to try activities such as snorkeling, surfing, kayaking, horseback riding, bicycling, or shopping in town. You can choose to relax by the oceanfront pool, curl up with a favorite book in the hammock, or stroll along the neverending beach that winds its way along our little corner of paradise.

Why does this Retreat stand out from all the rest?  Vicki will teach you FIVE proven practices that once home, you can immediately put into action so that you can navigate ANY challenge you face....challenges that have in the past kept you from living your most joyful, most authentic life. Alyssa will help you tap into your creative spirit or continue to pursue your artistic passion to feed your creative soul!


7-8               Breakfast

8 - 8:30      Morning Gathering

8:30 - 9      Guided Meditation

9 - 10          Yoga Class

10 - 11         Break

11 - 1            Equine Sessions

1:30 - 2:15   Lunch

2:30 - 6.      Art Sessions/Free Time

6:30 -7:30  Dinner

7:30             Beach Bonfire Ceremony and                          Discussion of Day


Women's Wellness Workshops

We present day long and half day long Women's Wellness Workshops at a beautiful creekside ranch in Santa Cruz, California.  The themes of our workshops include 'Being Present' and 'Letting Go'.  Using Meditation, Massage, Art, and an EAGALA certified EAL Session with the horses we explore the things that have been holding us back from living the lives we TRULY want to live.  Supported by good food and compassionate leaders, women receive the gift of a day of self care, rejuvenation, and respite from their otherwise busy lives.

Horses are MASTERS of present moment awareness and of letting go because throughout history, their survival in the wild has depended on it.  Every minute of every day, horses are fully immersed ONLY in the present moment.  They do not worry about the future or ruminate on the past.  When a potential threat appears, they become alert and assess the situation in the moment.  Once they determine that there is no threat, the horse puts his head down and goes back to grazing. This  'going back to grazing' is something that we humans can learn so much from.  The horse does not worry about the fact that there COULD have been a threat, and he does not live in fear of the next one.  He trusts that he will be able to meet whatever challenges come his way, and he does not let potential future hardships ruin his grazing.  If a horse lived in the constant state of vigilance that so many of us do nearly every day, he would never get the rest or the nutrition he needs to survive.  In these workshops we learned to let the horses teach us how to be present and live fully once again.

9:00  Arrival and Welcoming
9:30-10:15  Introductions and Meditation on Being Present

10:15-11  Painting Time
11:00-12:15  15 minute Massage and Horseback Riding Sessions
12:15-1:00  Lunch
1:00-2:30  Equine Assisted Learning Session #1

2:30-3  Break
3-4:30  Equine Assisted Learning Session #2
4:30-5  Meditation and Closing Remarks around the Firepit

  • "I feel 20 years younger!"

  • "The whole experience was incredible!  What a wonderful day!"

  • "You guys balanced authority with levity really well...I felt really safe and loved"

  • "Great retreat!  Very moving and inspirational"

  • "Thank you to an amazing team of really facilitated an incredibly open and loving environment to breathe deep and let go"