Riding Lessons, Horse Training, and Colt Starting

Vicki Rose has been been teaching riding lessons and training horses since 1989.  She loves teaching riders of all levels safe and proper horsemanship whether in the arena or out on the trail.  Vicki is most passionate about starting colts and restarting horses with proper groundwork, using the methods of Ray Hunt and Buck Brannaman.  She believes that groundwork lays the foundation for all successful riding, and she includes it in all of her sessions and lessons.  Whether you have an interest to go on a relaxed, stress free trail ride, learn how to canter, or even jump small jumps, Vicki can help you. 

Vicki is also passionate about training horses, and is very experienced to help you with any problems you are currently having.  From ground manners to trailer loading to creating a lighter, more responsive horse, Vicki is eager to help!  

Sessions are longer than usual, an hour and a half to 3 hours, as to immerse you what it takes to be a real horseperson.  We'll do groundwork sometimes with several horses, and you'll learn how to get the horses ready without crossties, doing groundwork and practicing mindfulness while doing all the necessary tasks.  Vicki will either be on her horse or doing groundwork with it by your side, showing you the exercises and then giving you your own time and space to explore and practice.  We will often switch horses or go for a trail ride.  We might take a break and watch one of Bucks's videos or read a blog post from Anna Blake.  Sometimes I'll just put some of my favorite country music on and let us both practice with our horses.  We might watch the horses in the pasture and identify Calming Signals.  No matter what we do, we'll do it in a way that puts the horse first and makes YOU a better horseperson!

Sessions are $120.  Plan on staying for up to 3 hours so bring water and food, sunscreen and a hat.

Horse(wo)manship Retreats

In this non-riding program, Vicki teaches women how to connect to their authentic selves and navigate life’s challenges through the help of a horse.  In their herds, horses naturally move through their days by skillfully navigating various relationship challenges. They have evolved to survive in the wild by learning and refining their relational skills within their herds. 


To become a horsewoman is to become a part of their herd.  The horse that does not successfully navigate these skills is at risk because its successful collaboration with the herd assures his/her survival.  And the opposite is true as well-the overall success of the herd depends upon each member's ability to refine these skills.  Even though the horses we use in our programs are domesticated, they still retain their instinctual nature and behaviors.  The principles behind Horse(wo)manship are universal and not entirely species-specific, which allows us to learn directly from they way these magnificent beasts move among each other.  In this way, horses can be our greatest teachers for navigating the sometimes difficult relationships in our lives.
Through our exercises with the horses, we'll explore certain themes which arise in our lives and oftentimes can:
   •    Create difficulties in our relationships with others
   •    Inhibit our ability to achieve our goals and dreams
   •    Hamper our ability to be our true authentic selves
Vicki's Horse(wo)manship Retreats will teach you how to:

Become More Mindful and Present

Access the Power of Detached Observation
Communicate Clearly
Learn How To Collaborate with Others
Know When to Lead and When to Follow 
Match Your Body Language to Your Feelings and Intention
Set Boundaries and Command Respect of Personal Space
Have Confidence Which Will Give You a Feeling of Safety
Trust Yourself 
Navigate Transitions with Good Timing

Learn How to Let Go When Appropriate
Advocate and Speak Up For Yourself and Others
Listen Better
Set Goals and Regroup After Setbacks
Use Energy and Life Force To Your Benefit
Set Clear Boundaries Between Worktime and Playtime
Understand and Transcend the Predator/Prey Dynamic 
Work With Distractions

By observing the horse, working with them in the round pen, journaling, and practicing short guided meditations, Horse(wo)manship participants learn that horses can be the greatest teachers for the lessons of our lives. In the Horse(wo)manship work, we learn about and actually practice working through the challenging themes in our lives that keep us from living a life of lightness, freedom, and full ownership of our own authentic selves. 

Vicki manages the retired horses that are boarded at Castlewood Ranch.  With over 40 years of experience keeping horses, you can be assured that your horse will receive the best of care.  Click on the photo below to view photos of the facility and for boarding rates.  View our Retired Horse Management Rate Sheet here: