Since she was a small child, Vicki has been passionate about horses and obsessed with being out in nature with them.  Her early life was filled with trail riding and camping with her dad and the horses in Southern California.  She became a competitive equestrian early on, and in 1988 she stopped riding to pursue a BA in Psychology at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

After missing the horses and the positive influence they had on her life, in 1992 Vicki began her professional career by founding Ridgemark Farm, LLC.  Vicki's students have won numerous National and State Hunter, Jumper and Equitation awards.  Vicki prides herself on her commitment to continuing education within the horse industry.  She regularly attends clinics and seeks counsel from 1988 Silver Medalist Greg Best, 1996 Olympic Course Designer Linda Allen, and multiple time National Champion Hunter/Jumper Trainer Jim Hagman.

Over the past 10 years, Vicki has become devoted to the work of Buck Brannaman, and has been a regular participant in his Northern California clinics.  In 2013 she began to study with Sport Psychologist  Carrie Wicks Ph.D and is a graduate of her  W(I)NNER'S CIRCLE program.  She also completed the educational programs of Equine Alchemy and Creative Awakenings International which were both pivotal turning points in her life. Through her work with the above mentors she created a program called 'Horse(wo)manship'.  Using observation of the horses in their herd, exercises with them in the round pen, journaling, and guided meditation, Horse(wo)manship participants delve deep into the exploration of the Self. Participants learn specific tools that help them meet their personal challenges with both strength and grace as well as techniques which enable them to live their very best, most authentic lives both with the horses and without.  

Vicki's work with horses aims to teach us about ourselves and embrace the life we are meant to live. Whether you're taking a riding lesson, learning groundwork, or participating in one of my Horse(wo)manship Groups, you'll learn to practice mindfulness and meditation in the presence of the horses.  The barn is where horses help people find their strength, their purpose, and their true selves.  Vicki also offers personal exploration programs using the wisdom and movement of horses.

What Vicki's Horse(wo)manship Program Can Do For You:

  • Integrate and establish yourself in wholeness...spiritually, emotionally and physically

  • Connect with the part of you that you’ve forgotten exists

  • Reveal and release old patterns and beliefs that keep you away from your power and truth

  • Find and immerse yourself in your inner knowing and wisdom

  • Live your life and relationships from today, one day at a time